Through my journeys in running, backpacking, and exploring the mountains, I have learned and experimented with different training methodologies, nutrition plans, and personal care to be able to get my body in a place where it can take me where I want it to. As you continue your journey into trail and ultra running with me, I bring my experiences with my personal development and coaching others into developing an all encompassing coaching package specialized for your needs. My goal as your coach is to assist you in developing a quality based plan to ensure your body gets the training, nutrition, and support it needs to surpass your goals.

Coaching Philosophy

I specialize in working with women, especially those just starting out and trail and ultra distance runners. I know life is busy especially for us moms and focus on a quality over quantity approach.

Training Plans & Coaching Packages

I always offer an initial 30 minute free consultation via phone or video. My plans are always 100% unique to each individuals’ needs both in goals and time they have available. No two people will ever have the same plan.

3 month minimum commitment – Ask about Coaching Package Discounts. Coaching Packages require the purchase of a training plan upfront.

***Trail and Ultra Women is moving! During our move we are more delayed in responses and plan creation. All in person is on hold until move is complete. Thanks for your patience.***

Training Plans

  • Custom running plan
  • Custom strength for runners plan
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Receive your 100% unique custom plan within 2 weeks
  • Videos for all your exercises
  • $99 per month – due upfront

All Coaching Packages Include

  • Regular check ins
  • 1 hour video or voice calls per month
  • Race planning and strategizing
  • Mental Drills
  • Text access for basic questions
  • Free access to live classes and recordings

Coaching packages start at $125 per month and are customized and priced individually, with options for discounts when paid in full upfront. All add-ons can be customized options for your plan at a package price. Pricing and packages to be changed at Coach’s discretion.

Add-ons (with existing package or purchase of package only)

  • 1 time – 1 hour video or voice call $30
  • 1 time – 1 hour in person form run in/near Buena Vista, CO, USA $75
  • 1 time – 1 hour in person strength session in Buena Vista, CO, USA $80
  • 1 time – mountain run together in CO $99/hr running + $50/hr drive time carpooling or $20/hr drive time separate