And we return to mountain conversation:

Our family has a rather huge summer planned! It’s exciting…and overwhelming

I’m back to racing this year! Woot woot!!!

So June 1 is race #1 back for me. These means so much to me (I’ll talk more specifically about this later)

Hint hint I’m running here!!

Then the man made it to Western States this year!! We’re all heading out to CA for the race and some family time.

When we get back the kitchen is getting remodeled. Yay!! But this means the house will be a disaster for a bit and not exactly a safe place for an almost 2 year old. SOOOOO LittleD and I are going backpacking (stay tuned for updates on the process of getting ready and how it goes). I’m super excited about this. It’s going to be so much fun. But I have to pretty much have everything ready before we go to CA for Western States. So we’ll be gone for a while then home for maybe 2-3 days then out in the mountains!

Layout from before my last big backpacking trip

Talk about getting a little crazy!

Then it’s LittleD’s 2nd birthday (already?!) and hopefully family is coming out again.

And then end of September brings my big race!!

And in between all of this will be lots of hiking and running and as much mountain shenanigans as we can fit in.

BONUS: I’m super excited to announce that I’ve been invited to share our backpacking trip and some other adventures on the new upcoming blog collaboration. You can check them out there when the post or look for “Originally posted on” posts!!

(PS they run awesome Facebook groups ladies!!)