Neighbor’s day blooming flowers soaking up some sun

As spring encroaches on the everlasting winter,

The sun bring warm days full of false hope of no more snow

Kids fill the streets with dusted off bikes and laughter

Wee man’s first year riding a bike!

The grass starts to show signs of still being alive

Flower start to push their way up through the muddy ground

All I can think of is waking in the mountains

Tent covered in dew drops

Shivering as I wake the fire

As the sun lights the valley,

The birds start to sing

The mountains wake

Elk bugle somewhere off in the distance

Squirrels start to chatter

But today it is still winter

We call this false spring down in town

The mountains still covered deep with snow

With winds that bite

But sun that shines and

Brings the world back to life